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While mobile devices are quickly becoming the main way we consume content — and mobile apps take a whopping 50% of that traffic — websites are still a huge content driver. But having a top-notch website is important to keep users coming to your page. 40% of web users will leave a page if it takes longer than three (!) seconds to load.

So how do you make sure that you’re getting those visitors to stay on your site? And how do you determine whether an app or a website is the best platform for your product?

At JetRuby Agency, we can help advise you on those crucial decisions. Our customers can then stay under one roof to get their web or app content designed and built out.

We’re thrilled to say that B2B ratings firm Clutch’s research shows that we’re a top Lviv-based web developer. We’re also among the best web agencies, as listed on Visual Objects, Clutch’s sister site. We couldn’t have gotten here without our number one supporter: our clients.

One of our satisfied customers is an electronic manufacturing company that needed help building an MVP of a web app within a short timeline. The app involved lighting controls and sensor feedback — features that we integrated into the platform. We also built the frontend UI and a physical demonstrator for showing off the prototype to stakeholders who were both internal and external to the company.

Clutch Review

We delivered the prototype on time — even after a minor expansion in scope — and hit every requirement on the nose. Our usage of sprints and project management tools such as Slack ensured that we were constantly in contact and that nothing got overlooked. As a result, we earned high ratings over every category.

“JetRuby is very customer-oriented, which impresses me. … They really make us feel that we’re being treated well, that we have their attention, and that they are supporting us.” – Business Field Manager, Electronic Manufacturing Company

Another success story involved a photo editing app. We’re designing and building the product for iOS devices. Although the project is still underway, the app is coming along well. We’ve met our client’s standards for quality and led an uneventful collaboration.

Clutch Review

We received nearly perfect scores for our meticulousness, as well as our ability to meet every deadline and request so far.

“They’re very thorough, providing lots of updates and documenting everything they’re working on throughout the engagement.” – Managing Director, Photo Editing App

We’re pleased to present these success stories among many. Feedback from these trusted voices drives us to grow and improve our services every day. They’re also the reason why we’re ranked on The Manifest, a company resource site, as one of the top app developers in Eastern Europe.

Want to learn more about why our clients trust us with their web and app needs? Let’s talk today.

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