Update on Our Eastern European Operations…

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Update 03-15-2022

The safety of our employees is a crucial part of JetRuby’s long-term policy. So far, we have managed to relocate the majority of our colleagues with their families away from risky areas, so they can safely continue working on current projects.

Our company is making every effort to adapt to the changing environment successfully. However, our top priority is the continuity of work on all our projects and the fulfillment of our commitments to partners.

At the moment, nothing threatens the stability of our company. We are confident we will successfully overcome all obstacles and cooperate fruitfully to achieve our partners’ goals.

Update 03-10-2022

The situation in Ukraine is still far from being resolved successfully. We are accomplishing a successful transition to the new circumstances.

People first!

We, along with other volunteers from around the globe, are helping our people. We’ve spent thousands of dollars to advance payments to people in need during the last few days – from direct financial support and up to provisioning supplies. We keep providing them with everything necessary for everyday life and work.

We explore the opportunities to relocate some of our developers away from the Russian Federation to neutral countries: Turkey, Armenia, and Georgia. We would build small local communities where people could move for at least three months. This plan is aimed to mitigate the development velocity risks in case of direct labor usage sanctions. We will be ready to act quickly and perform these actions with minimal downtime for your business.

Stay safe and pray for peace!

Update 02-24-2022

JetRuby Agency was founded in 2012 to bring the best application development talent from Eastern Europe and other countries to startups and other firms in North America, the United Kingdom, and the European Union, and that remains our mission.

We believe that our expertise, cultural similarities, English language capabilities, and our time zone convenient for western countries provide the best offshore options for companies seeking a combination of great talent, effective project management, and affordability.

While we hope for peace and that war will be avoided, we are prepared for any eventuality.

• Before the current tensions and the Covid-19 pandemic, we created a fully remote workforce process so our developers could work from anywhere without any need to come to our offices.

• We already successfully and seamlessly manage most projects with remote engineers in multiple countries.

• For those of our developers located in Ukraine, we have created provisions to relocate any of them who desire to our other locations in the event of hostilities.

• We have always had a US subsidiary to securely and seamlessly maintain our operations without any risk of interruption. Our processes have never been affected by geopolitical issues.

• We are committed to serving the needs of our customers all over the world, no matter what happens.

If you have any questions, please contact Ivan directly.

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