Agriculture & Husbandry Solutions based on Ai & ML.
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Logistics Management Platform

based on Artificial Intelligence
and Machine Learning

For Liquid & Bulk materials

Logistics management system


Logistics management system


Logistics management system
Farming management system
Farming management system

Our Solutions are Applicable for

Flour production



Oil & Gas



Our Logistics Management System is

highly customisable AI & ML platform that will be expertly tailored to solve your specific needs.

Main Dashboard

Main indicators and forecast values.

  • Financial indicators

  • Comparative clients’ analysis 

  • Risk zones’ monitoring

  • Current parameters of logistics operations and short term forecasts

  • Assessment of KPIs

Inventory Planning & Forecasting

Control of goods’ storage and movement parameters in warehouses.

  • Current and forecast KPIs

  • Commercial and financial performance

  • Monitoring of critical business points

  • Forecast and comparative analysis

Consumption Planning & Forecasting

Deep analysis of consumption.

  • Information about orders and assessment of dynamics

  • Distribution of orders by companies

  • Delivery time forecasting

  • Identification of critical deviations

Warehouse KPI

Warehouse analytics for quick evaluation and efficiency improvement.

  • Key business indicators by storage volume

  • Recipient satisfaction assessment

  • Financial indicators (current and forecast) including items of expenditure

  • Assessment of risks and reserves

Jetruby Logistics Management System Network

Logistics management system



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Recent projects


Our software product for Anova represents a universal platform that efficiently leverages a fuel supply.

Among the solutions, the project provides the following services:

Tank sensors

Forecasting and managing fuel supplies

Managing production and human resources

Logistics management system


Sortly is the #1 inventory app for the iOS platform that enables you to visually track all your possessions.

Among the solutions, the project provides the following services:

Developing a web platform to gain greater marketing advantage among other inventory competitors.

Visual and functional representation of a web platform.

Creating a single page application.

Implement a designing style.

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