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Digital Health Project
Taking Digital Health to New Heights – Case Study
 This article delves into the technological enhancements we implemented for our client, a digital health platform operator. Through our collaboration, the company transformed from a startup into a full-fledged enterprise. As the company’s structure evolved, it demanded a more advanced approach, which we successfully executed. Background  Our client offers a comprehensive ecosystem of digital health services with expert guidance and a user-friendly application.  The client sought our assistance following a disappointing experience with an unprofessional development team. The client is certified under HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), which…
Best DevOps practices
Best DevOps Practices: How We Improved Monitoring for the Client Project
A practical case of using cloud monitoring in DevOps as a service. In this blog post, we will explore how we applied the best DevOps practices, improved the monitoring system for the healthcare project, and increased the user count from ~5 to ~50. The monitoring tool we used aggregates metrics across the stack and offers more data access transparency.  Some of our previous posts provided insights into how the properly arranged monitoring system benefits the development process. This time, we’ll focus on a specific example as a practical use case…
Web Application Development Trends
3 Web Application Development Trends to Keep an Eye on
Before we delve into web application development trends, let’s recall that CERN, the very first website, went live in November 1992. With all the modern technologies around, it’s hard to believe that websites used to be 100% text-based back then. Anyways, that was exciting and groundbreaking.  Fast forward to 2023. The internet has evolved immensely. Web development has become a superior and profitable niche, with more people every year learning to code and desperately trying to get a job. Being a web developer means you’re cool and intelligent. And rich,…
Optimizing Health and Wellness App
This article highlights our technical solutions and the results of optimizing the health and wellness app. Context: Our partner, the U.S. health and wellness company, embarked on the digital transformation journey. It released a helpful mobile app that assists users in maintaining their food habits and meal programs with the guidance of professional coaches. By tracking one’s progress, they move to a healthier lifestyle. The app has the following features: a meal plan to promote weight loss while keeping users on track for their health goals; a weekly grocery list…
app monitoring
Build an Effective App Monitoring System
This article sheds light on setting up a proactive app monitoring system to help you minimize downtime, reduce costs, and improve overall system health as an app owner. First, let’s get settled with the definitions. Software app performance monitoring requires collecting app metrics, recording transaction traces, ensuring code-level visibility, etc. Infrastructure monitoring implies tracking hosts, processes, containers, etc. A proper app monitoring system is not just a utility Instead of taking the app monitoring system as another utility-level software, regard it as the project that intends to organize the monitoring…
Understanding the MVP concept
Dozens of entrepreneurs lose their time and money daily, refusing to launch a project until it is packed with different features and overall “better than the competitor’s.” It’s okay to want your project to be outstanding, especially when you pay some serious money. But the path of project development is thorny – this process requires much testing. That’s where MVPs come in handy. What is MVP? A minimum viable product (MVP) is a beta version of an application with limited features, just enough to satisfy early customers. The goal of…
Reasons to Choose React for Your Web Development Project
There are many reasons to use React if you’re working on a web development project. This framework is easy to learn and can help you get started on a project quickly. It has a wealth of ready-made components, and it has been favored for projects where dynamic page updates are necessary. The framework also provides many benefits, including backward compatibility and rich SEO factors. The modular structure of React allows developers to separate components into modules, which is helpful for enterprise projects. It helps maintain code reuse, which can help…
IoT in Healthcare – Benefits and Challenges
The use of IoT in healthcare applications can save money and time on diagnostics. It also has the benefit of reducing patient wait times, which can be an expensive proposition. The technology can help monitor patients and reduce costs. The emergence of IoT in healthcare is a welcome development. However, there are challenges and opportunities to consider before making the leap. Here are some of the benefits and challenges of using IoT in healthcare. Benefits Firstly, IoT devices provide transparency between patients and health insurance companies.  Secondly, IoT devices can…
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