Save your information and nerves. Everything you need to know about the concept of Observability in Ruby.
  Engineering teams focus on observability.   Companies are increasingly adapting to diverse tech stacks, integrating observability in Ruby and other languages to develop software based on cloud, on-premises, hybrid, or distributed systems, tailored to their specific needs. Incorporating observability in Ruby into the development process is pivotal for addressing complex business challenges. However, this approach also introduces new hurdles related to system architecture, performance, scalability, complexity, security, resilience, and usability. Consequently, companies must implement observability in Ruby to meticulously monitor their application, network, storage, and infrastructure layers. Emphasizing the…
ISO-certified software development agency
Jetruby is an ISO-certified software development agency. What does it mean?
The scarcity of skilled engineers is a pressing issue for many tech companies, but not for us. Our base is growing at an impressive rate of 100% per year, ensuring the perfect fit for the project and client team. Whenever our clients need help with their digital products, they have access to top engineering teams and an extensive pool of developers. JetRuby is an ISO-certified software development agency, which proves our commitment to the best people management practices, fueling our clients’ projects with dedicated developers. ISO certification also means adhering…
currying in ruby cover
Implementing Currying in Ruby. A Step-by-Step Guide
Currying is a functional programming technique that converts functions with multiple arguments into a sequence of functions with a single argument. When a function is curried, it takes one argument and returns a new function that expects the remaining arguments. Implementing currying in Ruby Ruby provides built-in support for currying functions using the curry method. You can use this method on objects of the Proc class, or any other objects that implement the to_proc method. When the curry method is called on a Proc object, it returns a new Proc…
refactoring cover
Continuous Refactoring. 12 Best Practices from Ruby Developers
Have you ever heard of the broken windows theory? If not, the broken windows theory implies that visible signs of disorder and neglect in a community, such as broken windows or graffiti, can lead to an increase in crime and antisocial behavior. And what if I told you that you can apply this theory to coding?  In coding, the broken windows theory suggests that ignoring or neglecting small issues (e.g., code quality, naming conventions, or documentation) can lead to a deterioration of overall codebase quality and an increase in software…
Granular Permissions
Manage Granular Permissions in Rails Applications and Forge App Security
Summary: The publication continues our series about the advantages and specifics of the Ruby on Rails framework. Protecting sensitive files and data requires a reliable approach to granting roles and permissions inside the Rails app. This article describes the best practices of our developers applying granular permissions to assign specific roles in Ruby applications.  Why do we need granular permissions? Cybersecurity of web applications has been evolving over the years, raising the bar for organizations and applications to provide a sufficient level of security. Ruby on Rails is an efficient…
Top 10 Ruby on Rails applications
Top Ten Ruby on Rails Applications in 2023
This review lists the top 10 Ruby on Rails applications. Ruby on Rails offers an exceptional ecosystem to create robust, high-performance web applications. Its reliability, speed, and extensive community support make it a top choice for many projects. Numerous well-known brands have harnessed this technology, delivering outstanding solutions to their clients. GitHub, Airbnb,  SlideShare, Shopify, CrunchBase, Dribble, and Bloomberg have trusted Ruby on Rails, integrating the framework into their applications. What puts Ruby on Rails at the forefront of development? As a widespread versatile technology, Ruby on Rails proves its…
Ruby web app optimization
Optimize the Performance of Ruby Web Applications Through the Server Configuration
Summary: This article reviews server configuration approaches that will help you to maximize the Ruby app performance. Our previous article dealt with the Ruby web app optimization scaling challenge. This time, we will address the server configuration as a crucial way to optimize the Ruby app’s performance. Key server configuration settings Misconfigurations in Ruby web application servers can bring everything to a standstill. Interestingly, application servers don’t dramatically boost app speed; they function similarly, and switching between them won’t significantly change throughput. However, avoiding wrong settings or server misconfigurations is…
app scaling Ruby on Rails Experts
Optimizing the Web App Scaling Process with Ruby on Rails
This is the opening review of the article series dedicated to web app scaling on Ruby on Rails. JetRuby Agency was named the top Ruby on Rails developer by Clutch, and we are glad to share our insights on applying this famous framework. As a popular web development framework, Ruby on Rails is appreciated for its practicability. It is often a choice of startups when there is not much thought about the future structure of the web app. We’ll address the Rails app’s scalability challenges. Can I scale up my…
Sidekiq Batches with Sub-Batches. Simple Way to Organize Code
Sidekiq Batches is a feature in the Sidekiq job processing framework that allows you to process jobs in batches. With Sidekiq Batches, you can group a set of jobs together and execute them as a single batch, enabling you to manage dependencies and perform batch processing more efficiently. In this article, we’ll share our experience in using this tool in a real project and give you some insights. The Challenge In one of our projects, we have a synchronization process that ensures seamless communication between multiple systems. This is a…
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