How to build or choose your technical dream team

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Many influential entrepreneurs will not share this secret with you, but we’ll let you in on it. There is no such thing as a solo business owner. No people who’ve ever scaled a business “from scratch” did it alone. In fact, with only themselves, they wouldn’t have a business. The team you choose to deal with can make or break your company. If you take a look at research on why start-ups don’t make it, the wrong team is among the top factors.

It is necessary that you are selective and tactical about yourself. If you’re just starting a new business, this is likely something that you’ve thought of. Numerous startup entrepreneurs ask themselves the following question: “How do I pick the best employee for my start-up?” In this tutorial, we will provide you suggestions for creating a tech team that will help you successfully develop your start-up. Best of all, we’ll let you in on some actionable hints for ensuring that your team is fire-skilled and reliable.

Hire men of action who can get the job done

As a non-tech creator, you’re probably thinking about how’s to bring this idea to life. If you’re already doing some research, you’ll know by now that there is no definitive response as to what the very best approach is. Some people think you need to onboard technical talent from the first day, not only to please investors however also for the total success of the business. Others will inform you to refrain from hiring anyone before proving your concept. Eventually, you have more questions than answers. 

But there’s no need to be upset

While it’s going to require time and significant effort to discover the best technical partner for your startup; by following a structured process you’ll be one step closer to choosing the best option:

  1. Learn the essentials of tech – so you can comprehend discussions with possible tech partners and cut through the lingo.
  2. Consider your alternatives – whether it’s a CTO or technical co-founder, outsourcing to a software advancement company or constructing your own tech dream team.
  3. Work out if outsourcing software application development is a choice for your company – based on whether the technology is core to your value proposition.
  4. Choose the best partner for you – regardless of which technical partner you select it’s crucial you do your research and ensure you have actually picked the best partner for your business.

The Tech Essentials 

As a non-technical founder, you don’t require high tech-level expertise to launch a successful company, instead, you need to be concentrated on the business-driven vision.

That being stated, it’s important you learn the fundamentals of tech since lots of technical decisions are business decisions. If can’t keep up with the conversation on basic tech concepts you will lose a lot, since:

  • Technical partners may see you as an ignorant person.
  • You risk losing control and accepting whatever your technical partner says as law.
  • If you can’t understand possible technical partners you are not in a position to appropriately vet them – as we will cover later on. As soon as you have actually gotten the fundamentals of tech knowledge it’s time to examine your alternatives when it comes to potential technical partners.

As much as any entrepreneur has a passion for developing a truly unique product, we understand that it takes time and technical knowledge to master or grasp all technical and business aspects at once. It can be hard to be handling it all by yourself, especially when you are entirely new to this. JetRuby’s product is developed precisely for those seeking a fast and correct approach to implementing their project. As you’ll be involved in multitasking operations, you’ll get to know everything you need for your business to launch successfully. So go ahead and check out the Design and Discovery Phase, which was created specifically for you!

Technical Co-Founder, CTO, Team of Developers, Outsourcing? Which option should you choose?

When searching for a potential technical partner you have 4 options. The first one is to learn to code yourself. In fact, that it’s the worst of the four options. Yes, you can drop everything today and end up become a software designer. But how long will it take? Remember that every day you invest in coding itself is another day even more from releasing your startup. 

Delay in bringing the product to market means a bigger risk of someone beating you to market. And with over 26 million developers around the world why not put your product in the hands of someone experienced? Splitting your focus and trying to ‘wear all the hats’ in your business might lead to failure. There are three other options to consider when it comes to finding a technical partner – beginning with a technical co-founder or CTO.

Should you chose technical Co-Founder or CTO

There are some key differences between a CTO & Tech Co-Founder. A technical co-founder is, well, what it states on the tin – the technical creator of your startup. They are an enhanced type of CTO. They have a say in business and are typically compensated with equity. Conversely, a CTO is strictly an employee. They have expertise in tech however not always a business vision. Commonly they are compensated with a salary.

That being stated the daily obligations of a Technical Co-Founder & CTO are practically similar:

  • Providing tech-based thinking on the business itself
  • Developing the Product itself
  • Building the tech group (when it pertains to growing the business).
  • Staying on top of the latest tech trends and insights.

Should You Hire a CTO or Technical Co-Founder? 

If you can find a skilled technical co-founder or CTO, go ahead. However, it won’t be easy. Besides the technical ability, your CTO/Technical Co-Founder needs soft skills, the proper combination of which is incredibly difficult to find. You can find more information on assessing the traits of a great co-founder here. They will need to help you represent your company at external meetings (investors, advisors, and so on). They will likewise need to be able to assemble and lead a team. In other words, your candidate requires is:

  • A technical professional
  • Possess the soft skills required to lead and communicate successfully with the group and hold his own in external meetings
  • Within your budget

Thus, if you can find the perfect candidate then you must go for it. But as we have mentioned, lots of founders aren’t that fortunate. It’s incredibly tough to find a CTO/technical co-founder who collects everything you need. However, there are other solutions.

Create a Team of Freelance Software Developers 

At a first sight, the concept of hiring freelance developers is a perfect solution. It offers you more flexibility and reduces your expenses. But it includes its own set of risks and prospective hurdles. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of developing a team of freelance web designers.

Pros of Freelance Developers

When you employ freelancers as your technical partner there is a fewer commitment. It means that you will only be paying for software development when you require it. This will reduce your expenses substantially. This presents a much lower risk than hiring a wrong technical co-founder/CTO. You can just thank them for their work and go your separate ways. Working with freelancers allows you to choose the very best specialist for each challenge; provided you know the fundamentals of tech. For example, if your backend is already completed and ready to go. You are free to find the best frontend developer to complement your app’s architecture.

Cons of Freelance Software Developers

As with anything in life, it’s seldom smooth. And dealing with freelancers does not differ. Without a CTO or technical co-founder, the very first developer you engage on the project will be responsible for the architecture of your app. This vital choice will lay the foundations for your company. It’s crucial that you trust them to pick the right coding language for your product. You need to confirm if the freelance developer is selecting the best stack for your product by asking several Software Development Agencies to make you a project proposal. If they all recommend the very same stack or language as the freelance coder you know you are on the best track.

Your second stumbling block is possible commitment issues. Freelance software designers, by definition, are free to accept any job they want. You have to ensure that, regardless of how many tasks they are involved in, they will finish the work in a timely way to the highest quality. You also have to ask yourself, are you ready to run a team of developers? Running development teams is no mean feat, especially if you have no enough experience. There are many attributes that you will need to navigate to create a balanced team. Ultimately, if you choose to go down this route you will be investing a lot more time handling and communicating with your technical partners. If you do not have a lot of experience managing developers you might also think about outsourcing to a Software Development Company.

Outsourcing to a Software Development Company

Outsourcing has its own advantages and risks. And just like any stakeholder completely vetting them is essential. The most significant benefit of outsourcing software advancement is, in our viewpoint, having a skilled team behind you.

Want to be next on the list of extraordinary ideas but are afraid to pick the right tech pattern? Call JetRuby today! We are an experienced and professional digital firm that supports and assists different health care start-ups. We guide them through the development procedure from point A to point B breaking down every step. Our specialist discusses the development priorities and supports their innovative idea. So what’s holding you back? Leave a short description of your distinct idea or a task on our very first and free advancement action: Product Development Method Session. And we’ll contact you in no time!

Advantages of Outsourcing Software Development 

Collaborating with the right agency will provide you access to multiple sources with years of product and software experience in development. Many software development agencies are ex-startup founders themselves. Along with developing their own solutions, an accomplished company will have helped launch thousands of products for many years. This means you will certainly be working with a well-established team of professionals that have:

  • All the difficulties you are about to face are already resolved 
  • Solved similar issues to the one your business concept intends to solve.

They can pass that experience straight to you. Asking questions and also challenging your ideas to assist you to obtain a competitive edge. Basically, collaborating with the right agency offers you access to a well-known tech-team, product experts, and business development specialists all in one place. Dealing with a software development agency also allows you to have versatility in your team size. Which goes a long way to decrease your functional expenses. As your development needs vary you have the ability to scale the sources you use to fit. Raising as well as lowering the team size as required for your business demands.

Disadvantages of Outsourcing Software Development 

The initial disadvantage of outsourcing to a software development company is the same as outsourcing to freelancers. As they involved in multiple projects, you need to be sure the agency you select can provide high-quality work in time. If you choose the way of offshore software development, you also need to consider possible communication barriers like timezone, culture clashes, as well as linguistic differences. If not handled correctly this can result in business cooperation failure.  One workaround for this is to look for nearby software agencies. Here you can benefit from affordable costs within the same or similar timezone.

Another disadvantage of outsourcing software development is that it will be difficult for you to closely monitor the project development. The primary danger here is that you lose control of the project. It’s crucial you choose a company that is transparent; with normal touchpoints that are agreed in between you. 

Let’s summarise 

So, now you know all the solutions for assembling a technical team. Whoever you involve, keep in mind that developing a business is all about the people. In your Startup journey, everything won’t go so smoothly. The right people will certainly have your back as well as when the chips are down they will certainly be with you as well as solve the problem. So make be sure you select the right team you can rely on.

And by the Way, As you see, launching your startup business won’t go smoothly, and you need to prepare for unforeseen circumstances. Proper planning and execution will allow you to restrict these obstacles.

We here in Jetruby have developed a unique technology for launching and promoting your startup. Contact us, and we will free help you to build your future development plan.

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