There are a lot of good 
 {Ruby on Rails} engineers, but not too many of great ones

Ruby on Rails Software Development Focus

For MPVs and Unicorns

AI-backed Software Development Process

Increasing delivery time up to 8x

Talent Management
as a Service

Backed by an advanced ERP system

200+ clients work with our specialists

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Struggling with recruiting
key RoR developers?

Hiring the wrong developers

A massive stream of CVs but
no positive cumulative effect

High churn rates

Competitive hiring market, with 2-3 months being spent on onboarding

Tough onboarding

Difficulty getting new developers
contributing as soon as possible

Poor qualification

Under-qualified employees don’t
handle complex tasks well

Superior custom recruitment system that allows to hire developers 

in just 2 weeks

Our streamlined recruitment process delivers the first CV in an average of just 3 days. Using our tech & soft skills matrix and a unique interview flow, we match results to your expectations

First CV

3 days on average

recruitment process

takes 2 weeks

Our Ruby Academy trains the best and brightest IT talents

We thoroughly select the best RoR developers in the market or let rising stars join your team. These new hires apply their 1-3 years of experience after being shortlisted for our Academy at a highly competitive 1:200 rate.

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Do you pay the price of a CTO but receive the quality of a junior developer?

We adhere to Lean Software Development Principles to ensure high quality and minimum total cost of ownership.

Our principles include:


Mutual responsibility



Permanent quality control

JetRuby principle


Through a proper grading system for software engineers that motivates strong performance

JetRuby principle


Of senior RoR engineers for each other and the development team

JetRuby principle


Through the proprietary People Management ERP system that streamlines software development process

JetRuby principle


Knowledge transfer from seasoned Ruby developers who provide guidance to new engineers during onboarding and training

JetRuby principle

quality control

With extensive manual and automated testing at every stage of development

Learn how to stop overpaying for underqualified Ruby developers

The grading system template navigates the competitive world of IT talent

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Can poor communication ruin
an otherwise excellent software development process?

Yes, it can. The process falls apart when you can’t reach out to someone in charge on time. We know how to fix it!

Communication gaps

Eliminate development/delivery issues by maintaining constant communication with your remote team

Insufficient progress transparency

Hold regular status meetings and stay updated on project developments

Shifted team availability

Optimize timezone overlap so your remote team is accessible during critical working hours


Hire remote team members who speak English fluently to avoid language barriers. Foster a seamless and easy-going interaction

Eliminate communication gaps 

Learn more about developing soft skills with our unique guide

Get your top Ruby on Rails software developers team staffed in just 2 business days

Talk to our specialists, describe your web app goals, and we’ll immediately start staffing your team

2-week money back guarantee


Your industry, our tailored solutions

Our expertise in niche markets keeps us current on industry trends and developments


The full package for RoR  Development

Do you have a legacy Ruby on Rails app? Launching your startup?

Do you have a legacy Ruby on Rails app?

We help companies improve their legacy stack and unlock the full advantages of Ruby on Rails framework.

We've got a solution for you:



Rails code audit /

Handover of a RoR

Launching your

We are ready to share our experience supporting companies' growth from the ground up to Unicorn size.

We've got a solution for you:

Meticulous Design and Discovery

Fast & fixed budget

Enhancement of your product team

The strategy for
avoiding typical errors


Team management system for Ruby on Rails developers — a perfect retention tool

Pure focus on Ruby teams

Our Ruby-first expertise cultivates expected Ruby results

Easy project management

Streamline your team's work and collaboration with our intuitive platform

Monitor team performance

Visualize and analyze your team's work performance with heatmaps and satisfaction ratings

Stay connected

Conduct 1:1s, gather feedback, define goals, and manage OKRs all in one place

Financial reporting

The ERP system that bulds your operational success. Keep your financial data on log

Engage Employees

Our platform ensures everyone is aligned with the broader goals of the project

Retaining talents

Incorporate our platform into your workflow as a retention management tool

Motivate your team

Engage employees, support their growth, and keep your team motivated


We are proven experts in Ruby on Rails development

We have the expertise and capacity to design unique technological solutions that unleash your project's business potential

Active Ruby community contributor:

8 Gems

26+ mln downloads


Annual growth


Foundation year


Clients from 30 countries


In-house engineers


Senior+ level


Industry domains

Promoted by a Ruby language creator

who was impressed by our article “Ruby on Rails Dead?”

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Our development centers 


United States








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Read our case studies on helping companies succeed

Let’s build great products together

We look forward to discussing your ideas and bringing them to life using Ruby on Rails.

Award-winning agency

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In our clients’ words

Rodrigo Pereyra / business field manager at OsramThey go out of their way to work and engage with the customer.
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The work completed by JetRuby was excellent, with the team handling the expanded scope professionally and producing high-quality deliverables. They were an engaged, committed team that worked hard to accomplish all tasks on time and by high standards.
Jan Nowikov / CEO, Help My TaskI give them a 10/10 for what we’ve done together.
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JetRuby Agency coded quickly and delivered with ease a very functional and thoughtful solution that internal stakeholders are eager to bring to market. The team is personable, responsive, and attentive, fostering a seamless and mutually beneficial collaboration. Their services are reasonably priced.
Steffi M. / AVP - Tech, Handelnine GlobalWe are very happy with the project management, project execution, software quality, and accountability.
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The engagement was successful; the site is currently live and completely functional. JetRuby Agency managed the project well using the Agile methodology; they were responsive and delivered items on time. The client also highlighted the team's skilled developers, turnaround time, and accountability. 
Jack Green / CTO, NameCoachTheir team provides notes and questions our ideas to make our products better.
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JetRuby Agency dedicated capable resources that produced satisfying deliverables to facilitated growth into new business verticals. The team communicates clearly, which enables effective collaboration. Informed by a wealth of experience, they offer valuable insights that encourage improvements.
Shai Rozen / CTO, ShiurimMost of the positive feedback has been regarding the new features and improvements.
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The product is performing well in the market, receiving over 2,000 downloads in its first few days. All feedback regarding JetRuby Agency’s work and skilled expertise has been positive. Their responsive approach complemented their quick workflow.
Chase Tasca / Founder, Web App Dev for Startup HVAC Technicians PlatformThey put a lot of effort into making sure that everything works to my satisfaction.
Read More
Brimming with technical expertise and the desire to help their client succeed, JetRuby Agency has delivered quality design deliverables that have strikingly mirrored their client's ideas. Transparent and customer-oriented, they provide reliable estimates to bring their requirements to fruition.
Brandyn Morelli / Co-Founder, hellocecilWe’ve worked with a lot of other firms, and JetRuby agency is one of the best.
Read More
Not only is JetRuby Agency great at what they do, they also charge a fair price. The team is responsive and communicative, holding weekly meetings to keep everyone updated. They use various means of communication and have some of the best project management in their field.
Walo Fenton / Founder, Slick StudioThe project was so good that we decided to scale the platform and share it with the world.
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The platform’s success has created new growth opportunities. The team is communicative, efficient, and effective.
Julian Safford / Co-Founder, Moments Inc.I am happy with how they adjust their approach to appeal to as a customer.
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JetRuby's exceptional value sets them above competitors. Showing a genuine interest in the product, their team listens closely to feedback and maintains a thorough understanding of the business. Their ability to create optimal solutions to sustain a lower budget is impressive.
David Bankston / CEO, Sparksfly Technologies, Inc.They are very good at listening and working with your timeframes. We have some amazing people on our team.
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The client receives over four million transactions per year and they have had no problems. They attribute part of this to the development work that JetRuby Agency provided. They particularly appreciated their ability to listen and work within the timelines the client provided.
Tom Klein / Founder, Suggest ItI’m impressed by their ability to meet those changes on very short notice while keeping with deadlines.
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The client is particularly happy with the quality of the projects that JetRuby has worked on - specifically the quality of the code. They manage communication between teams very well and meet all deadlines set for them.
Dhanush Balachandran / CEO, SortlyThey are experts in Ruby.
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The client has received great reviews from users of the new site. Along with the high reviews, the client is experiencing their highest level of revenue. They have appreciated the agency's knowledge and skill surrounding Ruby on Rails and their willingness to make improvements where necessary.

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Soft skills development program

We use this tool to assess and track the skills and competencies of software developers or engineers

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Grading system template

This document helps in setting expectations, determining compensation, and guiding career development

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Developers' hiring guide

This is a set of guidelines and best practices for us to follow when recruiting and hiring software developers.

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Product development strategy

This document helps in setting expectations, determining compensation, and guiding career development

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