Why Should Startups Consider IT Outsourcing in Business

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Why Should Startups Consider Outsourcing IT

IT outsourcing may sound like a cumbersome thing to do. Especially for startups and mid-size businesses. The reality, however, is totally different. It’s only a myth, and we will bust it for all our outsourcers and their offshore teams. 

IT outsourcing services can be a blessing in disguise for your business, and we will prove it in this piece.

Time Zone Differences Supporting IT Outsourcing

Let’s start with different time zones. Yes, we admit that time differences are inevitable. But are they problematic in IT? We don’t think so.

Instead, we believe that the earth being round is beneficial for organizations as they can now outsource work 24/7. This is even more true for startups who can save on rent, set up costs,  infrastructure, salaries of full-time teams by forgoing in-house departments. 

Not all entrepreneurs have big cash in the beginning. So, preventing a shortage of funds and simultaneously accessing a superior talent pool is only possible via outsourcing.

Thanks to offshore teams working globally, you can find IT availability at any time of the day and even at night. With international experts knocking at your virtual doorsteps, all your software needs will be fulfilled in a timely fashion.

You might be baffled by how these time zone differences work, and it’s easier to see them as a problem than a remedy. However, with best practices and organizational tips like the ones we follow at JetRuby, you will experience that IT’s timing issues are not problematic.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the world of technology where time and distance both are foregone:

Are Time Zone Differences Really Beneficial?

We all know, offshoring programs don’t need words to back their effectiveness. They are beneficial for organizations one way or the other. For example, cost-effectiveness, innovation, good quality, and reduced time-cycle are just the tip of the iceberg. 

So it’s fair to say that the outsource software development industry is booming, and there is not just one reason but quite a few causes behind it. And differences in time is one of them. If somebody tells you otherwise, they are not your well-wishers. Maybe, they don’t want you benefiting from all the efficient approaches of outsourcing. 

We know you’re not going to believe what we say without validation. So here are some proven benefits businesses may gain from outsourcing.

1. Continuous Software Development Cycle

The different time zones can seem like an obstacle in IT. However, with time many companies began to realize their shortcomings and are now negating this myth. Now organizations are making the most of time zone differences and utilizing them to generate a continuous software development cycle with 24/7 support. From learning tips on mobile app developments to innovating beyond, offshore companies make it possible every hour. 

Thanks to outsourcing software development, more and more businesses are learning of this opportunity and are beginning to exploit timing differences. Instead of letting the day and night issue hinder their processes, they use them to reduce their IT project’s development cycles. This gives them a considerable comparative advantage over their competitors.

2. Highly-Skilled Specialists At Your Virtual Doorstep

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Another benefit from outsourcing that is most appreciated is the provision of an international pool of talent. But did you know behind this advantage are the extended hands of time difference. Yes, you get experts from all around the globe at your disposal because you respect their time zone. 

Not all businesses can possess an all-inclusive in-house service. Especially when it comes to finding the perfect tech Co-FounderIT outsourcing services become the need of the hour. For example, if your business requires a highly technical eCommerce application within a tight deadline, you will not be able to get it with your existing small pool. Moreover, hiring an in-house team is usually not feasible both in terms of cost and time. This is where the knights in shining armor from different time zones wade in.

The IT outsourcing services allow you to cater to your business needs without jumping into the hassle of hiring a new team. Instead, you get someone with diversified knowledge from across the globe at your virtual doorstep and create your app or software ready in time and budget. This expands your business capacity as a startup or SMB and allows more flexibility too. The need for hiring expensive in-house teams no longer hinders your potential, thanks to offshore teams who substitute them quite efficiently.

It also enhances your reputation as the quality of your work improves. There will no longer be rookie mistakes that newbie mobile app developers make, as offshore companies are pros at what they do. They broaden your spectrum and allow you to make use of new services. Moreover, they are more viable and affordable too. 

3. Work Done Overnight

This business gain is by far the most underrated. Businesses are now operating 24/7 without paying for overtime and having employees work night shifts. Organizations need to understand that this can turn around their whole budget. It can take their revenues way higher if they make optimal use of their offshore teams.

This time difference is an asset that ensures your projects are uninterrupted no matter what time of the day (or night). So if your company assigns a task to its offshore team in the evening (your time), the team will work on it overnight and present it to you the next day.  When you virtually meet with them, you will have ready-made results.

No, the developers in outsourced teams are not magicians, but they will work on it while you sleep at night. Remember, your bedtime will be their office time. This 24/7 availability will not only give your business an edge over its competitors but will enhance its agility and help it take projects that were infeasible before. 

4. “Follow The Sun” Model

It’s common knowledge that large multinationals love dealing with outsourced software development. However, it’s a mystery how they manage the time difference across different continents. So let’s uncover their secret for you. They adopt the “follow the sun model,” allowing them to deal with international clients and dealers simultaneously. 

This model allows the sun to never set for these large companies as they spread their service and development sites across many time zones on purpose. It lets them literally follow the sun as work passes from location to location within regular daylight hours. As a result, projects get completed and queries resolved wherever and whenever the sun is shining.

Not only that, but they also receive enhanced responsiveness as a plus, thanks to their 24-hour offshore teams.

They heavily benefit from outsourcing as they cater to their customers round the clock through constant support from IT Services Companies in outsourcing. Ps: they suffer no delays, and the sun transits smoothly all across the globe.

5. Hands-On And Shake-Off Sessions

Another suitable approach for enterprises and organizations with distributed teams is ‘Hands-On And Shake-Off Sessions.’ These sessions forgo the time zone and don’t even require many units across the globe. Instead, it depends on the collaboration of two teams and is quite simple. If done correctly, it can lead to optimal results without incurring too much labor and outsourcing costs. 

In this offshore workflow, the first team works the beginning shift. But an hour before the end of the working day, they “hand over tasks and shake off their hands” with the second team. In this overlapping hour, the other team takes up the charge and begins their work hours.

How Do We Make Outsourcing More Manageable & Efficient

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Avoiding Micromanagement

However,  there are obstacles in time zones as well. But with experience, offshore developers like the ones in our team know how to tackle them. Challenges only make us better because our practical tools and optimal project management processes make us highly prepared for every meeting. By combining extensive knowledge and experience, we cover your back in all aspects of product development. 

That is why almost all international startups from multiple time zones are pleasantly surprised when they discover that it requires less time and effort when communicating with offshore teams like JetRuby. With agile frameworks and methodologies to coordinate all tasks and meetings, we prevent micromanagement. Thanks to utilizing industry-standard Scrum iterations such as Daily Scrums, Sprint Planning, Sprint Reviews, and Sprint Retrospectives, the communication is efficient and effective.

Maintenance And Support

It’s not just off-shore developers that are efficient, but the support system is also solid. From account managers to project managers, you will find all of them available during your business hours. You can discuss issues with them without time delays so that there are fewer interruptions and better results.

Another advantage of working with outsourcing companies like JetRuby is that we assist you in server maintenance and deployments during low-traffic periods. As there are not many users in the application during the night, we provide our service at those golden hours. Lastly,  we don’t leave you unattended after getting the job done. Your startup receives 24/7 Quality check-ups, 1 Hour or Less Critical Incident Response,  and post-launch assistance. It’s a complete package so that your business can grow without any hassle!

Final Verdict

If you’re running a startup or an SMB, you should focus on achieving your business goals and improving processes. And when it comes to IT, there is no better way to do that than outsourcing. 

You will likely be missing a lot if you don’t hire an offshore team. Don’t let the myths pull you down. Let the outsourcers pull you up and take you beyond your working potential. 



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