7 Useful tips when developing your first mobile app

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Developing a mobile application is like starting a new business. And just like running a business, there is no strict sequence of steps that will certainly let you be efficient. Every company venture is unique, as well as every mobile app development story will certainly be slightly various from the others. However keeping that stated, you can still implement several of the very same successful approaches that previous developers made use of to your very own app. Building an app is complicated, specifically if you don’t learn from the lessons of that businessman who have actually come before you. As an industry expert who developed apps that have become a successful business, we are very familiar with the process. We know what it takes to be successful and what mistakes you should avoid in order to not fail. While there still isn’t a definitive black and white guide to building an application, we have actually narrowed down the procedure to 7 regulations that can significantly improve your possibilities of succeeding. Here’s what you need to know.

90% of app startups fail, so develop a serious development approach 

People that have an existing business have a benefit when it comes to mobile app development since they currently have clients that they can market to. Yet if you’re developing an app as a startup, there are plenty of reasons why it could fail. Don’t get us wrong, we are not stating that releasing an app as an extension or tool of your present business is foolproof. There’s still plenty that can fail in those situations as well. There are many situations like that that take place. However, most of those circumstances involved people that weren’t taking the procedure seriously. You can’t go into this with a half-hearted attitude. Putting your best effort ahead is an outright need if you intend to be successful. Applications take a very long time to develop. If you’re not on top of it every day attempting to make points go as smooth and quick as possible, it’s going to cost you a lot of frustrations and also even more money. Assuming that app development could be like a hobby or side project for you is a really common misconception. Thus, developing an app requires being on top of your priority listing, especially throughout the development stages. So if you’re focusing on other businesses or personal matters, the longer it will take you to create a high-quality piece of code. Sure, not everyone has unlimited spare time in their day. But depending on just how much time you agree to place in will greatly rely on just how you select to establish it. You can do it yourself by learning to code, which you can do in less than 30 days. Employing a skilled developer or company to place it together is another viable option. There are risks and benefits to each of these options. But you, and also only you can determine which option fits you the best. Whatever you choose, just make certain you’re not taking the process lightly.

Come up with something unique

Nowadays the app market is incredibly crowded and competitive. And it’s becoming much more so daily. How do you expect to conquer the market which is so saturated? In order to succeed, you need to find your own way to attract attention from the crowd. The reality is that not every person is going to release an app that’s as popular as Instagram or Snapchat. There are still plenty of other apps on the market that are making lots of money. Yet they have the ability to achieve this because they have found a way to let users become their customers. If you want to develop a buzz, you have should make people interested. So how do you plan to produce a profit from this venture? Several of the common money monetization techniques include:

  • charge per download
  • Embedded ads
  • in-app purchases
  • eCommerce store
  • Subscriptions

Whichever method or strategies you’re intending to use, it’s all about encouraging people to download and install the app. If you intend to get downloads, you need to offer something that users can’t obtain anywhere else. Why else would customers download your app when there more than 2 million other alternatives to pick from? While you will not necessarily be competing with each and every single app offered on the market, it’s incredibly most likely that whatever you’re doing has been done prior to. We’ll run under the assumption that your app has similar attributes and also features to various other applications available for download. Can we accept this fact? In order to get downloads, you’ll need to offer a better version of this concept than your competitors. Producing something special does not constantly imply it needs to be brand-new. Just make small tweaks as well as adjustments that improve the user’s experience.

Have a great idea but don’t know where to start?

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Design your app for maximum growth 

If you assume that you’re going to release an initial version of your app and relax, you’re sadly mistaken. Sure, you can do this, however, your app will not prosper and will likely fail. Your app is going to require regular maintenance, which isn’t constantly cheap. To save you money and time, you should preemptively develop for adjustment. Your app needs to be able to grow and adapt to the market problems as well as user experience. Having as much code and ideas that you can reuse or fix will let you avoid many problems. No app is perfect. Yours will not be either. It’s going to have some bugs and other issues, which require updates or improvements. So it’s much easier to be prepared for those circumstances than attempting to fix the bugs after the app has been released, which is triggering customers to leave it. So do not put yourself in a losing position when you’re developing. If you are not going to code by yourself and considering a hire an app development agency, make sure that whoever you employ recognizes that you wish to have the ability to make updates often. In a perfect world, whoever establishes and also codes the application will certainly additionally provide the maintenance services. However, that’s not always the case. So you wish to make certain that the developer does not overcomplicate the coding language or development process. The way whoever works in the future will not have to face an uphill learning contour to determine what’s taking place.

Built the right team

This recommendation follows from the last point. You want to work with the right people for the long term. Don’t think about saving money over the following couple of months. Think lasting. Building a team that has the same vision, mindset, and also concept values as you is going to make this process a lot easier. We do not recommend developing an app all by yourself. It’s possible, however, it’s not realistic. There aren’t enough hours in the day, and there are too many roles for one person to handle it alone. We suggest hiring a technical expert right from the beginning. If you do not have a tech background, it may be difficult for you to determine the expertise of developers. While a technical advisor can help you to find the right specialists.  Like any business, you’ll come across a couple of advancement agencies that are not always decent and necessarily ethical. 

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Here’s a good example to illustrate our point. Have you ever before bringing your car to a new mechanic for something basic like an oil filter change, only to figure out you need all kinds of another job which requires large amounts of costs? But the only thing you understand about a car is how to put it in drive and back. So you bring it to another mechanic and realize that you don’t require any kind of additional job done. The very same goes here. You do not want a company that might offer you a lot of unneeded functions. That’s why a technical consultant or startup mentor must be the very first person you employ. Startup mentors with the proper knowledge, vision, and expertise will help your early-stage business to grow effectively. The average tech startup has 5 team members or less. So after you hire an expert on your team, the next step is finding a developer. Look for a developer who is reliable, trustworthy, and also skilled. You want them to have experience, however, you additionally require them to be able to concentrate their initiatives on your application as a priority. If they’re working with 20 other projects all at once, the quality of your app is going to endure. Highly likely the same issue might occur while releasing your first app. 

Get a free consultation from our experienced business analysts

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Make proof of concepts

Don’t start with the full development on the very first day. One of the most crucial parts of developing an application is putting a prototype with each other. Yet a lot of companies neglect this stage. Developing a proof of concept can do wonders for your app. This will certainly assist you to see if your concept can really work from a technical point of view. Think about it as an internship, but for your app. Before a company hires a new employee, they may put him on a trial period to see if he really suits the task. While the specialist might seem a great fit according to his CV, the hiring manager won’t in fact understand for sure until he starts to work. Very same opts for your application. Yes, any type of concept can sound excellent in theory. However, it’s much better to test it out before you initiate a complete full-time development challenge. Prototypes can help assist you in concretely articulate your technical and business ideas. You can beta test your proof of concept to see exactly how it will respond to the market. If you have a mobile site, you can ask the beta testers to compare their experience in between your app as well as the website. This can help you to improve the app with all of the full features and components. And also, as soon as you see your application in the real world and also really have it in the palm of your hand, you can show it to potential investors.

Find investors for startup

Once you’ve obtained your prototype, it’s time to pitch your concept to financiers. While more money doesn’t equate to a successful app, it definitely makes things a lot easier. If you have not realized it by now, developing an application is expensive. That’s simply the truth. Investors can help you secure more funding. Take those funds to boost the high quality and decrease advancement time. You do not want money to be the reason that you require to employ an inferior developer. This goes back to the first regulation we talked about. Taking this process seriously indicates you should not need to resolve it. The fact is that the majority of people can’t manage to take the chance of all of their life savings with development prices. That’s why investors can help in reducing your individual risk also. With even more money behind your project, you’ll have even more time to get arranged as well as focused. All of these variables will help you to succeed.

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Develop App Distribution Strategy 

As we mentioned above, it’s not easy to become popular on the AppStore or Google Store. So you can not rely on that as your sole approach to get downloads. While eventually, yes, people will certainly have to download your application from the shop, there are various other methods you can refer them to it. From a marketing point of view, you require to do whatever you can to be successful in the contour and also your competition. Here are some common techniques:

  • using beta testers
  • using early adopters
  • having a signup for your application

Getting downloads is only fifty percent of the battle. Afterward, you need to be sure that people are really using the app. The fact is that most of the applications installed on smartphones are actually not used. Obviously, You don’t want your application to belong to that group. So your marketing strategy and also distribution methods will certainly need to focus on the user experience as well as retention in addition to the first purchase.

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App development is a serious and constantly ongoing process that will continue after the initial launch as you receive user feedback and build additional functionality.  With the above list, we have presented you with some of the best tips for developing your first mobile app in 2021. However, you need to know that a lot of startups follow these rules. Even though your business ideas are great, they can’t just turn into a successful startup. Your priority is to determine whether the idea you have within you is worth turning into a business. Always remember, it’s not an easy task to run a tech startup company, so don’t refrain from asking for help. Having someone to guide you is better than failing alone. We at Jetruby help startups build their businesses from scratch, guide them by giving free startup product development consultation, and most importantly, help them achieve financial freedom by developing their idea into a business model. Now that you have these ideas, want to know which one of the tech startups will work for you? Contact us now.


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