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Ivan Linko


Ivan founded JetRuby agency as a startup that grew into a custom software development company with more than 200 skilled employees. JetRuby’s initial focus on Ruby on Rails development transformed into a full-scale development expertise. As a forward-thinking entrepreneur who knows the world of programming from the business and professional sides, Ivan shares his perspectives on social media.

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Henry Ahadzhanyan


Henry works as a Director of Business Development and ensures that businesses launch their digital products quickly and with predictable outcomes. Thanks to his deep expertise in AI-enabled AgriTech solutions, digital farming, and data science, Henry helps entrepreneurs hold their competitive edge in the relevant industries. 

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How to validate your business idea?

So you’ve got an idea for a startup but don’t understand if it’s worth pursuing. According to Statista, approximately 65% of startup founders find that

Mohamed Badawi‬

scientific advisor

Professor Mohamed A. Badawi‬ has been welcomed to JetRuby as a scientific advisor as we highly value the scientifically proven approach to the projects we build. His expertise in biotechnology and environmental solutions underpins many successful agricultural initiatives. Dr. Mohamed describes his research in specialized magazines and academic periodicals.

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