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Sortly App

Sortly is one of the best picture-driven asset managment apps for iOS, according to Forbes.

In 2017, it has been recognized as the #1 inventory app on the App Store. Available on iOS and Web, the application allows its users to effortlessly categorize and keep track of their possessions. Organizing things from your pocket is light and breezy thanks to a simple an intuitive app UI design.

Forget about hand-written lists and stickers! With the help of Sortly App, you can basically manage almost any kind of activity – from regular movings to art installations – using only your iPhone. Sortly App provides functionality both for users and delivery teams.

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Healthcare is a cross-platform mobile application that opens the doors into the world of modern and efficient healthcare experience.

The app allows building personalized and comprehensive treatment plans with all the necessary information for optimizing your care right from your smartphone. Being HIPAA compliant, Healthcare ensure full data integrity and protection.

We developed both the web and mobile applications for iOS and Android that combine all the healthcare tools in one place. In the past year, more than 15 organizations trusted the Healthcare app to solve their healthcare navigation and logistical challenges.


Gone are the days of manual inventory checks and usage guesstimates. Anova wirelessly delivers critical data – such as inventory level, pressure, and temperature – via connected industrial sensors and our cloud data platform. We've integrated data from unmonitored tanks and from tanks monitored by 3rd party solutions. Our assessment revealed that while there was precise evidence tank monitoring eliminated run-outs, there were significant opportunities to improve delivery efficiency, leveraging tank monitoring data.

Finally, we've developed the multiplatform mobile application, which was able to perform GPS trip tracking and geofencing with Google Maps & Baidu Maps. It can monitor and alert on multiple operational parameters, on various tanks, in a simultaneous way.

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Leepse is an app comparable to your college social club, where you meet people who study in the same city. It was created with a purpose to have a ton of extraordinary and unforgettable moments, experience new things, and play the party games. The application connects college students most authentically and effortlessly: through the casual group chatting of friends. You can connect with like-minded people through exciting group conversations, just like in college!

Within just a month of constant and diligent development, Leepse was released and has gained a massive amount of popularity and feedback from youngsters. Annually, the application is hitting nearly 10,000 installations and is widely being used on the iPhone platform. We managed to reach the balance of being flexible in our planning processes while also offering expert guidance. Our company was happy to assist Leepse during all stages of application development and finally launch it into the live product.

Our happy clients.

Our mobile app development company helped more than 100 clients from the US, Europe, China, and Australia build mobile applications for their businesses.

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How we do it.

We understand how important early market launch is and so we focus on an efficient mobile app development process.

Agile Development
Using Agile methodologies allows us to build full-featured mobile apps in just a couple of weeks!
A-class Management
We leverage our extensive experience to reduce costs and deliver projects within deadlines and budget!
Individual Approach
We strongly believe every mobile app is unique and so we use only tailored software solutions.
More than coding
Struggling with how to monetize or grow your business? Worry not! We've got you covered.
App Maintenance
We provide our clients with full post-release app support to help them solidify their position on the market.

Mobile app development company uses such technologies.

What we use to build award winning mobile apps.

swift programming language


Elegant and reliable, Swift is our go-to programming language for iOS app development. Perfect for native iOS experience.

android app development language


The good old Java has been the industry standard in the world of Android app development for many years now.

graphql mobile app database


One database to rule them all! Used by such market giants as Twitter, Yelp, and others, GrapQL is a great tool to manage app data.

cross-platform app development with react native

React Native

Not sure which platform to choose? With React Native, we can build apps for Android and iOS that look and feel the same.

kotlin programming language


The Kotlin language is one of the most fun languages that we've ever used! It allowed us to build an Android app in two weeks!



Flutter allows you to build native apps on both iOS and Android using a single codebase. A good choice for cross-platform app development.

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