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Align Learning Systems to Your Business Purpose…

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This is among the terrific insights from Divyesh Sindhwaad, Regional Vice President at Skillsoft India…

Here’s a summary of key insights in this useful article in PeopleMatters….

Define the business purpose: Understand whether the learning technology is aligned with the defined business outcome.

Communication, collaboration, virtual leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making are the skills now necessary to succeed.

The learning philosophy has evolved from online and talent-driven digital learning to ‘learn in the flow of work’ and ‘capability academies.’

The future tech ecosystem will build an entirely new learning ecosystem, which will be the foundation of the learning strategy of the future. HR and L&D professionals must understand and evaluate this ecosystem to effectively utilize it.

Identify the learning outcomes of each technological tool and prioritize which business and talent problems need to be solved.

Understand the tech architecture: Develop a thorough understanding of the various layers that make up an effective learning strategy, including management and analysis of learning data; a

Learning Management System will need to help schedule, administer, track, and manage all your curricula, programs, courses, and learning materials; a program layer that helps employees find, search for, and discover training programs….


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