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McKinsey Report Sees New Operating Model for HR With Focus on Digitalization

McKinsey Report Sees New Operating Model for HR With Focus on Digitalization
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This report on key HR trends by Laura Blumenfeld, Neel Gandhi, Asmus Komm, and Florian Pollner puts elevating HR through digitalization at the top of the list.

This includes “automating processes, especially traditional administrative tasks; by gathering, analyzing, and acting on employee data to make more informed decisions; and by implementing mobile self-services to elevate the quality of delivery.”

Other key trends:
*Enabling agility and fluidity.
*Refocusing HR to become true business partners.
*Organizing around employee experiences as we do customer experiences.
*Virtualizing CoEs and centers of competence (CoCs) by giving HR business partners a dual role: supporting specific areas of the business and creating a functional specialization spanning HR and the organization (such as compensation and benefits or organizational development). *Putting the business in the driver’s seat by shifting responsibility for traditional HR tasks to line managers.

Mobile applications will make it possible for organizations of all sizes to benefit from the new HR operating model.


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