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GPT models in web applications
8 Killing Features of GPT models in Web Applications
Summary:  The Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT) rocked the world of human-like text writing, turning neural networks into a vivid creative power. This article analyzes how GPT models in web applications enhanced their functionality and how they will develop in the future. Goals of using ChatGPT models in web applications: GPT is essentially a language model built on a transformer architecture. A GTP model was designed to help us generate human-like text and better understand language patterns, semantics, and grammar.  Now, applications increasingly employ the opportunities provided by GPT models. And…
Maintenance Costs
Business Case: Reducing Maintenance Costs and Improving Efficiency
At JetRuby, we understand the importance of staging and pre-production servers to effectively test a product during its active development phase, ensure production stability, and enable asynchronous feature release. However, we also understand that this approach can be quite expensive for enterprises, which may discourage many organizations from adopting this approach. This exact problem we have encountered with one of our clients. The Problem After creating an efficient supply stream that included deploying an additional pre-production server, the customer faced high maintenance costs. Satisfied with the improvements that the new…
Perfect Startup Structure
4 Tips to Build your Perfect Startup Structure
How a startup is organized plays a crucial role in determining its success, particularly in the development team – a fundamental unit of any IT startup. An ill-considered organizational structure plan leads to miscommunication, downtime in the business cycle, and general sluggishness.  Therefore, investing time and effort in crafting an effective startup organizational structure is paramount. JetRuby began its activity as a startup, so we know. To illustrate this article, we’ve drafted a perfect startup structure frame for a young and technology-driven startup. Core Startup Organizational Structure: At the core…
Continuous Integration
6 Sure Benefits of a Robust Continuous Integration with GitLab
Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) are the development practices that replace the manual code-writing job through automated builds and tests. If done right, CI and CD dramatically reduce the code release times. GitLab keeps CI and CD fundamentals in one environment without switching between various tools in the long building, testing, and product deployment chain. Let’s figure out what is CI and CD Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) are principles and practices that enable developers to deploy software changes more frequently and reliably. CI/CD is one…
How to evaluate an IT service provider
When you’re in the market for a new IT service provider, evaluation criteria are important in helping you find the right fit. However, these criteria can be difficult to understand and apply when you’re in the thick of it all. Here are some tips for evaluating an IT service provider using essential evaluation criteria. Step 1: Evaluating the Monthly Fee When selecting an IT service provider, it is critical to determine not just the cost of the service but also the long-term costs of operating the service. If you’re working…
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