Monitoring Social Media Trends For Business In 2019 – Part II

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Social Media has become a basic necessity for businesses to market their products online. It is evident for leveraging their marketing online; brands are resorting to social media. Today, as many as 75% internet users are likely to purchase something they saw on social media. Interestingly, social media marketing agency around the world is working on decoding the latest social media strategies for helping businesses.

When we think about social media, major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. comes to our minds. How do these social media sites work? What is it like to become a legit brand on social media?

We keep talking about social media trends and its importance as finding relevant topics on social media is a must-need for keeping the brand ahead of the competition. In our previous article, we discussed how different social media algorithms work on Twitter and Facebook. We found out, that on Twitter, it is a hashtag-driven system, while Facebook’s trending section is more personalized to each user. However, finding trendy content is not an easy thing. You need to know the ways of how to determine the trending content, which is widely shared outside of the circle creators. In this article, we’ll take a look at different ways of how you can monitor the rapidly challenging trends to always keep your business on the top.

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Decoding social media algorithms in 2019

Social media algorithms can be complicated to comprehend, especially if you are not very thorough with the whole thing. The most influential kind of algorithm would be the type that controls the flow of information people receive. Algorithms are vital for marketers and business owners to be able to make an impact online. It helps people understand and shapes their thinking and perspective.

In a way, any information that we perceive online is backed up by algorithms. Even search engine like Google and social media sites like Facebook, twitter run on specific algorithms. As we explored these leading social media apps, we found that Facebook focuses on meaningful conversations where the customer can learn about the brand through a personalized approach. However, on LinkedIn, famous companies and professional users openly share their thoughts and connect with their audience through status updates.

What are the latest social media trends?

As we can see, there has been a shift in the overall trends on social media platforms. Over the years, the concern has become central to how people both, communicate, and receive information. Social Media definition has changed from a place where users connected and networked to a platform where people share and distribute information. Social media networks are now prioritizing on a real connection between their users.

Social media icons a.k.a influencers are getting popularized because their created content connects with the people easily. The customers crave for something of utility from any social medium.

Perhaps, there is a need to understand the latest social media algorithms for our businesses to thrive.

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Social Media trend for Facebook

The infamous social media platform, Facebook has an active user base of monthly 2.27 billion making it one of the busiest networks for social media agencies to market.

As we have already discussed, meaningful interactions have been prioritized by Facebook. The users are captured through the interactive content that can be easily targeted towards them.

Facebook has been continually evolving to provide better value to its users and marketers. However, one of the significant challenges that the Facebook page owners come across is that the Facebook algorithm has been depleting their organic reach and exploiting advertising. Facebook pages run more advertising campaigns than anything else. As a result, a lot of negative media coverage and exiting users made a Facebook change for the better.

According to the latest trends, meaningful interactions including comments from friends and family, likes, sharing links on Messengers, engagement with the post, reactions on posts will be giving more weight to your content. The number of likes and the length of comments can also be contributors to your post’s reach. However, the post is initially shared with a small group of people to check engagement before sharing with a broader audience.

Another factor to keep in mind is to be consistent. It adds credibility and affects your brand page’s rankings. Keeping your profile up to date can surely help you be on the right side of the Facebook algorithm.

Social media trend for Twitter

Twitter, as we know, is a niche social media platform favoured by media, political elites, and some of the most influential people in the world. This is because it’s easy to use interface where users do not have to work a lot before drafting their content.

The algorithm of Twitter is designed to provide users with the content that’s relevant and recent. When a user logs into their Twitter account, even a tweet from an hour back may show at the top of their feed while a recent tweet may be found down below. This is because Twitter ranks tweets on three bases: relevancy to their users, in case you missed it, the remaining ones in reverse chronological order.

The user can opt between algorithmic and chronological timelines, which has made the timing very crucial for social media marketing on Twitter. Twitter algorithm shares some aspects with that of Facebook. If you time your tweet correctly and it gets a sooner engagement, then it is more likely to be shared with a larger group of audience.

As per the latest trend, engagement on your posts like retweets, likes, replies profoundly affect the credibility of your content. Users are likely to see more from profiles they engage with. Even if someone spends time on the tweet without engaging on it, the Twitter algorithm will push their content on their feed.

For the right twitter strategy, timing is crucial. However, profile credibility is also an important aspect. Being consistent on Twitter can help increase your account credibility. Remember to add good engagement content under 280 characters and avoid broken links to help yourself in social media marketing for Twitter.

Social media trend for LinkedIn

It is essential to capitalize on the LinkedIn algorithm to understand what can be beneficial for your business.

Similar to Facebook and Twitter, the LinkedIn algorithm also emphasize to push relevant content, prioritizes conversations and engagements, supports native content and shares your content with a smaller group of audience to check it’s engagement before showing it to a broader audience.

But that’s not all about LinkedIn marketing. A LinkedIn algorithm is unique as it uses human intervention to determine the relevance and quality of the content. As you may have noticed, a lot of personal posts are doing well on LinkedIn, and that’s a part of its algorithm.

If your story is doing well in engagements on LinkedIn, ‘real staff members at LinkedIn’ analyse and spread it to an even wider audience. This makes LinkedIn the only open social media network to involve real humans in their algorithm.

For better understanding, the trend on LinkedIn, do not limit your post to your network. Algorithm of LinkedIn enables content virility by showing it to 2nd and 3rd-degree connections of people from your system who engage with it. The key is to share something relevant so that your connections are more likely to interact with it. This builds a strong chance of your post being amplified and shared with people outside your connections.



Social media trend for Instagram

Instagram is, without a doubt capturing a significant market share of social media by being the most relaxed social media platform. Instagram has an epic algorithm. It has turned the best platform for people to turn into influencers as the process has been made easy by Instagram.

People from all backgrounds connect on this social media app, which has the content type that users generally interact with. Instagram users easily welcome genres like fashion, food, fitness, travel, lifestyle, and gaming, etc.

Instagram algorithm somehow enabled people to look more influential than they are with the use of bots and services to provide fake followers. In the long haul, these can be noticed as their ROI does not match with their made up influence.

It’s a part of the algorithm at Instagram to showcase those posts on the explore tab, which is performing well. If your hashtag game is active on Instagram, people who don’t follow you can see and engage with your Instagram posts.

Similar to Facebook, the Instagram algorithm also ranks your content high if your posts receive engagement from the audience through likes and comments or in the form of shares through DM or reposts. Instagram also shares your content with a smaller audience initially. However, engagement is the key to ranking on Instagram. Consistency also bears weight in these rankings.

The Bottom Line

Social media websites continuously work on their algorithms by accommodating new features and removing the ones that do not provide value to its user base. Thus, it is very important to monitor social media trends for your business. Knowing these trends can help you formulate a proper social media strategy so that your business doesn’t suffer. By the way, we’re happy to tell you that we got in the category of Top United States Software Developers.

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