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E-commerce Development for Business

E-Commerce Application Development for Enterprises & Startups

E-commerce application development process

Having a mobile app for business is getting access to a huge customer base for your business. We will develop custom, profitable solutions that can easily handle any flow of customers and provide a stable business' growth.

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At this part, our mission is to make a inclusive vision of the project. This include understanding the product's advantage according to its competitors and determining the end-users' needs. We don't discuss «‎What» should be built but «‎For Whom» it needs to be built and «‎What value it would provide for users».

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E-commerce app UX/UI design

Our experience designers apply the best design techniques to ensure responsiveness of UI designs to enhance the customer experience.

reactjs development services

E-commerce app creation

We propose highly-customizable E-commerce application solutions, as per your specific requirements to help you control and streamline the business operations effectively.

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E-commerce app maintenance

From efficiency enhancement, characteristic enrichment, to regular functionality updates, our E-commerce application maintenance services supports your practical use of app.

E-commerce Development Case Studies

Explore these amazing e-commerce apps we built with love for our clients to help them solve business challenges.

Saffron Cooks

Saffron Cooks is a premium food delivery service with a restaurant-like dining experience. The website offers a plethora of chef-made meals that can be delivered right to the door.

We kicked off with making a one-page checkout procedure and integrating Braintree's API into the website. Credit cards are now automatically saved into the payment processing system.

We also introduced a loyalty program and developing new "gift-card" feature as well as email and SMS notification features and implemented the long-anticipated "delivery on-demand" feature.

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GlowForge™ is a leading manufacturer and provider far laser cutting equipment bearing the same name, also known as 3D Laser Printer. GlowForge boast the most successful crowdfunding campaign in the history of Kickstarter.

GlowForge has made a decision to outsource some development activities to the software firm. In our case, the team found reasonable to benefit from our e-commerce expertise and gave us several jobs related to ERP customization and API integrations.

We developed a system that can calculate VAT for specific country, give full relevant information to the user and sync between accounting and other department.

We developed an integration with Avatax API from scratch and implemented Landed Cost functionality for several dozens of countries.

People Power

Created by an IoT manufacturer, MyPlace is an online store for distributors to sell handpicked, secure IoT tech for smart homes.

For implementing the project successfully, we combined a complex project management approach along with the cutting-edge tech stack.

We successfully implemented all type of payments. Whenever writing off from an account, the system uses certain algorithms to calculate taxes.

Additionally, were integrated Braintree payment gateway, MyPlace's database with the database of People Power.

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How much does it cost to build an e-commerce application?

For any firm owner or enterprenuer, price is the most essential component for e-commerce application. E-commerce app development cost depends on various factor.

We are giving free e-commerce application development offer after discussing the requirements. So come, discuss and get a free offer for e-commerce app.

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