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We transform our clients' ideas into flawless high quality iOS mobile applications making businesses stand out from the competition.
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Our iOS app development services

iOS mobile applications are the go-to solutions for most businesses. They are secure and scalable. Something that can take a business ahead of others. We hired world-class iOS developers to design the best mobile app solution that will help you to increase your market reach!

Expert iOS App design
and development

We are proud of our 4 steps tested methodology in app development which guarantees that your project will stay within the timeline, scope, and budget.

iOS mobile applications

We will analyze your iOS app project with business and tech analysts to ensure there are no critical problems.

iOS App High Quality Code Audit

Let our software development specialists audit your source code to ensure your iOS app doesn’t have bugs, security breaches, or violations of programming conventions.

iOS App Maintenance and Support

We hired ios developers and QA specialists from top agencies to make sure your iOS mobile application runs flawlessly.

iOS UI/UX Design and Development

We make iOS applications user-friendly and engaging for the end-users. All thanks to the UI/UX team, for bringing the best app experiences with the motivation to use it continuously.

iOS App Deployment

We are the #1 iOS app development company that provides seamless integration of the apps on all Apple devices. iOs, macOS, WatchOS.

How do we build iOS apps that rank #1 on the App Store and get featured in Forbes?

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Our iOS development company builds Apps for these Apple Devices

iOS App Development Company


iOS App Development


iOS App Company


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iOS app development services that contribute to your business growth!

ios app development company
Ellipse 323 development

Reduced Development Time

The large variety of devices, screen resolutions, and versions of the operating system results in increased development and testing time. That's why iOS development time is significantly shorter compared to Android. Developing on iOS gives you an opportunity to launch your product sooner whilst saving resources.

Tech-savvy & loyal users

Apple established a community of tech-savvy and loyal customers. iOS developers grant your business and its end-users a quality product satisfying high standards and putting you ahead of your competitors.

Higher app revenue

Since Apple is known for its high standards, users have more trust in your product from the beginning. It’s also known that Apple users are more willing to use in-app paid services. Altogether, it boosts revenue generation through app downloads and in-app purchases!

How iOS Apps Set Your Business Apart from Others

iOS apps make a notable difference in business growth no other app can contest. Why is it so? Learn more.

Expert iOS App development

iOS apps are the easiest to use. They have simplified what looks complicated with its user-friendly and intuitive interface. Fast and fun, users can easily navigate and find what they are looking for.

Drives Real Business

iOS apps translate user engagement into sales revenue. Coupled with advanced functionalities, the apps drive users to more satisfaction and sales leads. Your business earns a competitive edge via iPhone apps.

Discover Untapped Market

iPhone users are growing and so will your business if you have a robust and powerful iOS app. We can help your business stretch its wings and find customers beyond the USA into overseas countries.

Win User Trust

People will trust you if you protect their confidential information. iOS apps are highly secure and safe to use. They provide ample protection to your business/user data against viruses, malware, and other unethical data breach practices.

What sets JetRuby Agency apart from other iOS app development companies?

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Startup mindset

Having 10+ years of experience working with startups, the JetRuby team developed a mindset of being agile, proactive, and swift.

Transparent process

At JetRuby, we believe in transparency and keep our clients actively involved in every stage of the development process. You get complete control.

Partner approach

The application itself is not our end goal, your continued success is. Our iOS app development company is here to build trust and long-term partnerships.

Quick Turnaround

Time is money and if you want the business app development to be expedited, we are ready to shoulder your burden. Our team adheres to strict deadlines without compromising on quality.

Frequently asked Questions

We have developed a proprietary 4 steps methodology that starts with Free App Idea Audit. Various factors like custom features, integrations, and extra security features may affect the project cost and timeline. We are honest and transparent and thus invest our time and effort in providing you with accurate delivery time and cost before starting the work.

Yes, that’s an integral part of JetRuby. We maintain complete client confidentiality by signing an NDA agreement. You can rest assured that your data is safe and secure with us. Once the project is completed, we will forward the source code to you.


We use the latest tools, languages, and data libraries for iOS development projects. Some of them are 
  • XCode as IDE
  • InVision 
  • Objective -C
  • C
  • Swift
We develop iOS apps for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

We have a simple process that translates your app idea into reality. The steps are as follows:
  • We discover and discuss your iOS app idea and study your target audience.
  • We start with the UI/UX design process.
  • We kick off the iOS development process and prepare a fully functional MVP.
  • We start working on iOS app deployment and release.
  • We also provide iOS app maintenance and support services

JetRuby as your iOS App Development Company

12 years on the market

250+ accomplished Apps in 16 niches

annual growth

Clients from 24 countries

in-house engineers.

Senior+ level.

ISO 30414 (Human Capital) and ISO 10018 (People Engagement standards) Compliant

We are experts in:

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Jetruby Academy

We run quarterly courses on Ruby on Rails, React.js, iOS, Android, Quality Assurance, and Product Management.

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